The Telemedicine
Platform for Mastocytosis Digital Network

Platform tools

Shared Health

Fluid Patient Health Records filled during clinical practice by every component of the Care Team

Multidisciplinary Case Studies

Share clinical documentation, reports, charts and radiology images to discuss patients among the Care Team

Network of Clinical Practice

Fill and discuss Mastocytosis Referral Form of the
Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Collaborative Follow-up

Share and discuss patient’s clinical Follow-up among doctors involved in the mastocytosis patient care

The WelCare Project for Mastocytosis

The WelCare project for Mastocytosis aims to bring in the hands of every clinician involved in the multidisciplinary care of the patient a comprehensive telemedicine platform with a bunch of tools that addresses the need for a correct patients’ collaborative practice management among doctors.

The Platform

Cloud-based, the WelCare platform is always available, requiring only a computer and Internet connectivity. It’s secure and GDPR-compliant, giving doctors the peace of mind they need to manage their practice effortlessly. The WelCare project aims to build a digital network that helps clinical practices to be more efficient, allowing the most collaborative and high-quality care for every patient.