The Telemedicine Platform for CAR-T Digital Network

The welCARe Project

CAR-T therapies are promising and innovative treatments for complex oncologic conditions. Consequence of these therapies’ complexity and innovation is the fact that only specialised and authorised Centres will be able to perform them; on the other hand, patients who do not respond to classical chemotherapy and therefore are in need of new lines of treatments are in every haematological Centre.

The welCARe project aims to bring in the hands of every haematologist a comprehensive telemedicine platform with a bunch of tools that address the need for a correct patient’s referral to infusion Centres, a collaborative practice management system among doctors and a patient portal for online patients’ consultations.

Cloud-based, the welCARe platform is always available, requiring only a computer and Internet connectivity. It’s secure and GDPR-compliant, giving doctors the peace of mind they need to manage their practice effortlessly.

The welCARe project aims to build a digital network that helps clinical practices to be more efficient, allowing the most collaborative and high-quality care for every patient who needs CAR-T therapy.

Platform Tools

Shared Health Records

The welCARe Platform EHR provides the full range of charting, documentation and practice management tools doctors require, packaged in an intuitive user interface that is remarkably easy to learn and use. Each member of the patient care team can access the patient EHR, which can also be filled automatically during clinical practice among doctors, thus avoiding the burden of subsequent data entry and representing the right tool for an easy and collaborative care.

Multidisciplinary Case Study

Intramed and video-meetings are respectively asynchronous and synchronous tools that allow doctors to exchange any kind of clinical documentation, even radiology images through a specific medical device for DICOM images transfer and downloading, to discuss patients in a secure and collaborative way, within the same hospital or among different ones.

Referral to infusion Centres

The platform allows Centres to submit a light referral forms to authorized Centres; if the indication is correct a full referral form will follow, by which the Spoke can discuss patients’ eligibility to CAR-T treatment with the CART-T Unit.

Collaborative Follow-Up Care

As patients return home after their CAR-T Therapy they will require long-term support and ongoing care. Through the welCARe platform Hub and Spoke doctors can remain in contact, continue to fill their patients EHR, use the intramed and video-meeting collaborative tool and therefore coordinate follow-up care for patients.

Online Patients Consultations

The patient portal is the heart of remarkable patient engagement. Patients can submit consultations, schedule video visits online, access their personal health record, receive reports and e-prescriptions from their doctors from the comfort and security of their home.

AI-driven Data Analytics

The platform collects and searches for information inserted in it, even in scanned documents, allowing to achieve structured data from data inserted during normal clinical practice.

We’re partnering with clinicians to build the right queries on data, in our mission to deliver the best possible care for all patients. A new tool designed by clinicians, for clinicians.